Venture City, a last holdout against self-inflicted extinction by the human race.

Efforts to terraform Mars began in earnest with the turn of the 25th century, when scientists and venture capitalists envisioned of the red planet a home away from home. The process of super-heating polar ice caps and constructing artificial atmospheres within massive polymer domes brought this vision incrementally to life over the next several decades. Less than a century following it became abundantly clear across Earth that the need for this new home was horrifyingly imminent. There wasn’t much left to do with world governments crumbling and the environment shot to hell from nuclear war, but to put all humanity’s proverbial eggs in a singular basket—so entered the Megacorps Trust an organization of the wealthiest Earth industries united in their pursuit of an Earth-wide migration to Mars. The Megacorps Trust poured wealth, labor, and innovation into the completion of a bare minimum hospitable environment for sheltering the remainder of Earth’s dying populace. In the following years a great journey into space saw the last human civilizations settling the red planet. This event would go down infamously in history as the Great Earth Exodus.

On its surface life on Mars is virtually the same as that on Earth, except that the environment outside atmospheric domes is devoid of oxygen and organic life. All of civilization, in fact, is contained within three of these remarkable inventions. Venture City is the heart of this new human settlement. An urban sprawl replete with all the decadence, vice, poverty, and savagery indicative of the human race. Venture City boasts the best and worst of Old Earth, and it is controlled not by a traditional government but rather a select board of directors of the Megacorps Trust.

As humanity settled into both new and familiar roles and environments evolution provided yet another society altering curve ball in the sudden appearance of the Martian Mutagen or “Super Gene”. A mere 1% of the Martian population developed remarkable and terrifyingly inhuman powers such as gravity control, telekinesis, flight, and metal skin. The Megacorps Trust, seeking to curb public outcry, declared a set of Mutant Control Laws demanding that any citizen carrying the mutagen register their inhuman powers with the Trust. An amendment followed shortly, incentivising employment of all registered mutants with the Megacorps Trust by outlawing uninsured usage of mutagen-derived capabilities (with the Megacorps Trust offering only impossibly expensive insurance plans to those outside their employ). So began a new era of corporate-sponsored super heroics and a criminal underground of renegade mutants to match.

Venture City of Mars

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